It is no secret that I have struggled with my weight for many years. I eat with passion and frequency, and I love cheese and macarons and chocolate.

This was not the only baked good that I ate that morning.

I brought all this back from London and Paros. I did share some of it.

I have tried several different diets like Keto (too tough as a vegetarian) and Take Shape for Life (I could not eat another bar that tasted like air). I did lose 25 pounds on the latter, but I gained it back plus another 5 when I went off of the diet.

When I heard about the Whole Life Challenge from Rene Kennedy at R3Bilt, I was ready to make a change.

WLC Team Leader and Trainer Rene Kennedy. And she loves Nantucket!

It just started on January 18, a week and a half after I returned from London and Paris.

About the Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is a six week challenge that encourages you to make sustainable and healthy changes in your life by focusing on seven healthy habits.

Nutrition – Eat good things

Exercise – At least 10 minutes a day. No excuses!!

Mobilize – Stretch 10 minutes a day. It feels so good!

Sleep – Set a realistic goal. Mine is 7 hours.

Hydrate – Drink a third of your body weight in water. This is so much more than I have been drinking!

Well-being – Develop healthy habits. This week’s is no social media 2 hours before bed. I am struggling!

Reflection – Write about an achievement that you have made, or your thoughts in general.

You get points for accomplishing each of the seven habits, and you lose points for not meeting your daily goals.

About R3Bilt

R3Bilt in am anti-aging gym located in Milton, Massachusetts , founded by Allison Barnes, an expert in fitness and nutrition.

Girl Boss Alli Barnes!

Seriously. She is a Jill of all trades. I took a gut health class with her at her shop, the Juice Barn, and I signed up for R3Bilt before the gym was opened!

R3Bilt got its name from its three phase approach. I am not going to do as good of a job as the website describing the philosophy, but here it is in a nutshell. Rebuild – muscle, function and mobility. Recover – between exercising, increase mobility. Reverse – reverse signs of aging with red and yellow light therapy, rebounding, vibration plates and heart rate based breathing. Read more here.

The Before Pictures

These are not pretty, but I promised to share.Ugh, the back fat.

So that’s that. I hide it well, don’t you think? It could be worse, but it could be so much better.

Whatever size you are, I hope you are happy! That is where I am trying to get to, and that is what this journey is about.

It is a long road ahead, but I am ready.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Xxoo, Jen


What I Wore In London and Paris

I am not one to plan outfits in advance, but when I headed to two of my favorite cities, London and Paris, I knew that I needed to outfit plan.

I wanted versatile and stylish pieces that I could wear all day and be comfortable in. I knew that it would be cold, so I packed pants and sweaters. But, truthfully, I do not like how I look in pants these days, so packed midi and maxi skirts and a few dresses.

I wanted comfortable shoes that I could walk in, and I ended up I walking at least 8 miles a day.

As for a bag, I would have brought my Barrington Gifts tote, but it did not zip, and there are pickpockets everywhere. I brought an old Herve Chapelier bag, and then I ended up buying a plaid Cath Kidston bag in London that I had my eye on.

So, without further ado, here is a selection of what I wore.

The faux suede boots, green beret and similar items can be found at my post at . Paste it, follow me on the app or screenshot my Instagram post.Duffield Lane Striped Cooper Cardigan – This cardigan is a four season piece for me. I love the long length and the soft fabric.Maine and Ivy cashmere sweater – I flew across the Atlantic both ways in this sweater. It is warm, a perfect weight and it has a lobster on the sleeve! It comes in a few other colors, including a periwinkle blue that I am crushing on.Bee + Roo cashmere poncho – Mine was a summer color, but I wear it year ’round. I linked a color that I am loving called grey lady (for obvious reasons). And at a $129 price point for some of the softest cashmere that I have ever worn, it’s a no-brainer.Black midi skirt– I bought mine years ago, but this Lands End skirt is a classic

Michael Kors navy sweater skirt – it is like wearing a sweater as a skirt. So comfy!Jack Tar Togs navy and white striped boat top – not all are created equal, and I love the fit and quality of this one!

Duffield Lane Radcliffe dress – the details on the sleeves are so cute, and this dress is so comfortable that I could sleep in it!

Hermès scarf- my blue one is a classic. Best place to find old gems online: Tradsey.

J.Crew plaid pants.- mine are actually from Banana Republic Factory, but I linked a similar pair.

Salut cashmere sweater -so cheeky cashmere from j. crew last year.Kelly green beret – because, what other color would I choose?Clark’s shoes -okay, they may look a little dumpy like they should be worn by women in the over 70 club, but they were so comfortable and they want with a lot of my navy!

Faux-suede navy over the knee boots – I love these flat boots! And, guilt free!

Cath Kidston plaid zip tote – I was so excited to visit Cath Kidston that I actually went three times to two different stores! This plaid tote is study and it zipped, which, as mentioned, is a must to prevent pickpockets.

Tristan & Bruce Paris clutch – I kept my passport and other documents in here the whole time. I love the vintage look!Haverhill Westerly necklace – a go with everything classic.Maine Melon porthole ring – a cute and fun classic for me!

Addie Parker earrings – navy and silver, they go with everything. I get so many compliments on them. And they are $14!

I also had a lot of comfy shirts under my sweaters, a pair of Banana Republic girlfriend jeans that I wore on travel days and a pair of dangly pearl earrings that I got a hundred years ago.

How did I do packing for my trip? What would you have worn?


Jen @preppyfrancophile

My Thoughts on (Mostly) Solo Travel

Bonjour tout le monde! I am have returned from my trip to London and Paris, and I am so happy that I went!!Ah, the Paris outdoor cafe spaces!

I slept on the plane, and was ready to hit the ground running (speed walking)!Walking the streets of London.

I knew that it was going to be a great trip when New Song by Howard Jones was playing in the ladies room at the airport. If you were born in the 80’s or before, you will appreciate that!

As soon as I got out of the tube in London, I could not stop smiling. London will always be a part of me, and so will Paris. I immediately asked myself WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO RETURN?Plaid in Green Park

I got to do whatever I felt like doing all day and at night. Don’t get me wrong – I love traveling with family and friends, but I really enjoyed getting to be completely selfish and going with my own flow. Nothing against my amazing travel partners, but there was no way that I could have done at least half of what I did if someone else was with me!Pierre Herme croissant isphahan

Full disclosure that I met the lovely Emily Johnston of @emilyjanejohnston for a wonderfully enjoyable lunch in Notting Hill on my first day in London, and I did meet up with my friend Wendy in Paris for a drink Sunday night and for lunch and dinner on Monday (her birthday)!Escargots et Champagne pour le déjeuner

But I spent all of my days alone and every dinner except the last one alone.Solo dinner a Le Bar à Huîtres in Paris. So many memories there!

My friend asked me if I would now travel regularly alone. The answer is maybe. I am very comfortable in both London and Paris, and, even with the strike and the trains not working, I was able to get around by walking (8-10 miles a day) or taking the bus.The train actually ran once or twice!

But, if I had a trip planned to Asia or Australia or even somewhere that I have been before like a Caribbean island, I would have postponed unless I was part of a tour group.

And I should add that I am looking into a tour group for a potential trip to Provence for my big birthday this July if V or no friends or family want to go with me.

I am really proud that I did this trip and that I made it all work. It was a big step for me, and I rediscovered travel, which is a part of what completes me as a personVin chaud at 11 a.m.

Stay tuned for recaps, stories and some guides of both London and Paris. I have big plans, but I also have a full time job!

The cutest biscuit (cookie) boutique in Notting Hill!

Thank you so much for my parents for the gift of miles, for Rachel and Wendy for getting me to go and for all of you who messaged me, who commented on my Instagram posts and stories and who supported me at different times by wishing me well. It takes just a second to do, but most people do not take the time! Your comments and positivity made my journey even more enjoyable!Closing down a new favorite restaurant in Paris.

Xxoo, Jen @preppyfrancophile!

“You Are An Independent, Competent Person, and You Will Be Fine.”

Happy New Year! I am quite thrilled to bid 2019 goodbye, and I am quite happy to bid 2020 hello in what I hope is the best way: I am headed to London and Paris for 5 days!!Alone!!I had plans to meet friends in both cities, and then life happened. Am I sad that I will not be meeting these special people? Absolutely! Am I scared to travel alone? Absolutely! Am I excited to go back to two of my favorite places? Absolutely!

It has been seven and a half years since I have made this trip, and, for me, it is so overdue. My boyfriend is not a big traveler and many of my former travel partners have children or different schedules.

Being in my 40’s, unmarried and without children, has made me face several hard realities. I may never take the vacation that I did as a child. We went to Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe as a family. I will not be doing those types of vacations if I do not have children. My friends with spouses/significant others and those with children (even the single parents) do not want to travel with me.

This was NOT the plan, for those of you who wondered. I married my college sweetheart at 27 in a fairytale wedding, and we divorced two years later. It happens. I hope it never happens to you. But when two 19 year olds fall in love and are spoiled and think that the world is their oyster, it does not always work out.

Not having kids has been my choice, so I am not going to cry about it. I grew up in a stable and supportive family, which I am lucky to still have (knock wood), and the stars have not aligned for me to bring someone into this world or to adopt, so here I am.

The advantage of having V not travel with me is that he is there care for my fur babies and to keep the house safe. He and my four cats are my family, and I love them fiercely with all of my heart.

Usually, I am thrilled to say goodbye. I always miss my partner (he and I have been together over 7 years) and my cats, but this trip is different. I have never traveled this far from him and from this current group of cats.

I cried when I said goodbye to Tom Applehead. He had a check up last week, and I am leaving him in great hands, but I have major separation anxiety, and so does he.And I cried like my heart was breaking when I said goodbye to V. I wish that he was going with me. I would love to show him the places that I love so much. But I was gifted miles for a free flight, and the timing for me was right.

So, stay tuned for some posts and tons of pictures from two of my favorite cities.

The title quote of this post is from my dad, with my mom cheering on in the background. They are so happy that I am getting back to places that I love.See you on the flip.


Jen @preppyfrancophile

Preppy Cyber Monday Sales

Happy Cyber Monday!

I have linked some preppy sales and steals. If you can shop through the links, I would really appreciate it!

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Wildwood Oyster Co- 40% off all necklaces – no code needed

Clean Beauty Product Update

It has been a while since my last clean beauty product post was published, and I have a bunch of updates to share!

Serum: I’m loving Nuria’s Moisture Replenishing Sérum. The brand has several serums, and this one was recommended to me based on my age. With a price tag of $43, it is a great choice and it has a cooling feel! I bought all of my Nuria products at For NowDay Moisturizer: Follain just released a new moisturizer, and not only is it hydrating and great smelling, but it is only $32! It has a pump, and you only need a small bit. My only caveat is that there is no SPF in it, so unless you have a foundation with spf in it, you will still need to slap some of that on!

Foundation: RMS Beauty’s cover up has a cult following, so they made a version in a foundation! When I bought this at Credo, after matching me with the right color for my skin, the salesgirl told me that I would get a ridiculous amount of uses out of this pot. You literally need a few tiny dots and then rub in with a foundation brush (Use it! Trust me! Then wash it!). This will easily last me six months.

Night Moisturizer: Nuria has a super light and hydrating night moisturizer with seaweed and algae, Defend Overnight Recovery Cream, that I love. You can also use it as a day moisturizer.

Cleansing Foam: Patyka Perfection Cleansing Foam: smells great and feels even better. And it is French! I bought it at Follain.

Exfoliator: I looked back on my last clean beauty post, and I said that I was still looking for a grainy exfoliator that I love. Well, I found one, BUT I was told during a mini facial that using a grainy exfoliator can break capillaries in your face, so EW! Because I bought this lovely one from I now use it on my feet and elbows!If you have never used exfoliating gel before, you are ia n for a surprise! You rub some on your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead in a circular motion, and your skin literally peels off. It is fascinating and gross at the same time.Hair: R+Co is a vegan, cruelty free hair products, and they gifted me a fabulous set of Television Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner. My boyfriend remarked that my hair looked clean and shiny after the first time. It has a unique smell that I really love. Post Shower Hair Treatment: R+Co also gifted me their Hugh Dive Moisture + Shine Creme, and I think that is what is making the extra difference in how my hair looks. It had juniper, rhubarb and violet among its fragrances, and I am loving it!

I discovered Pure Placid almost a year ago, and their products are all over my house. The Rose and Berry scent smells like Baies, except cleaner, and I have it in the body cream, hand wash and hand soap. My boyfriend loves the way it smells as well! Every smell is amazing and personal to the brand, and Other favorites include the Whiteface Hike Room and Linen Spray and the a Sunday Morning candles, which smells like your dream breakfast.This Claim Your Calm Box arrived just when I needed it most this summer, and it included a purple crystal, a journal and cruelty free nail polish! Don’t you just love the packaging?!Pure Placid only uses clean ingredients, and their blue ribbon represents their commitment to the environment, local workers and their customers’ well being. My type of company!

Use my Instagram handle @preppyfrancophile for 20% off sitewide!! This does not expire!

Many of the products from my February post are still in rotation as well, and you can shop them through Follain at my link here:

My super comfy robe from 28 Centre Point in Nantucket, is linked here.

My towel, from Anchors Aweigh can be found on their Etsy site here . I have always used a heavy towel to wrap up my hair, until a few weeks ago when I used mine. Game changer! The larger towels can be used as scarves or wraps as well, Allan be monogrammed and come in tons of colors and stripes!

I am always open to clean beauty suggestions, so feel welcome to comment on your favorites!

Happy Saturday!



National Lobster Day – Lobster Accessories

Happy National Lobster Day! If you have been following me, you have read and seen plenty of lobster clothing.

Lobster accessories often make the preppy outfits that I wear complete. Here are a few of my most recent lobster accessories crushes.Addie Parker grosgrain lobster bracelet. I love the grosgrain with the silver. It also comes in navy with pink lobsters!Peachy Pendants: this charm is interchangeable and monogrammable.

Crab & Cleek: these totes are so classic that I have them both!

Maine Melon: this little lobster claw is so darling. I also wear the buoy bracelet several times a week.

Kimprints: So many lobster-tastic options. And you can get 20% off with code PREPPYFRANC !

Sperry: these lobster and crab boat sneakers are so cute!These $10 lobster earrings are available in my Preppy Francophile Amazon shop under Preppy Accessories.

Chappy Wrap: this reversible lobster blanket is an accessory on my couch and at the beach! It is so cozy!!

Do you know of some lobster accessories that I need to know about? Comment if so.

Xxoo, Jen