National Lobster Day – Lobster Accessories

Happy National Lobster Day! If you have been following me, you have read and seen plenty of lobster clothing.

Lobster accessories often make the preppy outfits that I wear complete. Here are a few of my most recent lobster accessories crushes.Addie Parker grosgrain lobster bracelet. I love the grosgrain with the silver. It also comes in navy with pink lobsters!Peachy Pendants: this charm is interchangeable and monogrammable.

Crab & Cleek: these totes are so classic that I have them both!

Maine Melon: this little lobster claw is so darling. I also wear the buoy bracelet several times a week.

Kimprints: So many lobster-tastic options. And you can get 20% off with code PREPPYFRANC !

Sperry: these lobster and crab boat sneakers are so cute!These $10 lobster earrings are available in my Preppy Francophile Amazon shop under Preppy Accessories.

Chappy Wrap: this reversible lobster blanket is an accessory on my couch and at the beach! It is so cozy!!

Do you know of some lobster accessories that I need to know about? Comment if so.

Xxoo, Jen

Bahamas Hurricane Relief- Shopping to give back

Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on parts of the Bahamas, and some very generous brands are giving back to help the victims. Here are a few who are helping:

Bee + Roo – 100% of profits from the sale of the Abaco poncho donated to Abaco for hurricane relief.

BoldBody- 100% of proceeds donated to charity

28 Centre Pointe- 30% of sales for the month of September donated to the Bahamas for hurricane relief.Lilly Pulitzer – 100% of the net sales of the Etta top will be donated to the Red Cross to help with their relief efforts.

Giddy Paperie- 109% of sales from their adorable mug goes to help the people on Elbow Cay.Hiho Caribbean- 100% of sales to go to Hurricane Relief in Abaco and Grand Bahama.

A Salty Soul – DM them your receipt for a donation of $29 or more to the Red Cross for Bahamas relief and get a free tote or hat.Pomegranate- 100% of proceeds for a week to HeadKnowles Hurricane Relief. Time to get this lobster setup?

The sales from this Bahamian lobster pillow cover by Sewing Down South will be donated to Hurricane Relief.

Anchors Aweigh is donating a portion of sales to Workd Central Kitchen.

I will be adding more as I find other kind people. If you know of s person or brand donating to hurricane relief, please let me know.



Nantucket Summer Day Trip Guide: AKA Nantucket on Crack

As most of you know, I go to Nantucket for the day quite frequently from Daffy Fest through pretty much October.  I get asked ALL OF THE TIME for Nantucket day trip recommendations, and I usually just throw things out at people.

I should first tell you that there is literally no way that you can do everything in this guide in one day.

When a friend or follower reaches out to me for must-do’s, I cater it to what they want most.  If you want to just shop and eat, you could spend all day in town doing that.  If you want to go to the beach, you could spend all day doing that.  

I take a 9:30 a.m. Hyline fast ferry, and usually a 7:05 p.m. back, although sometimes I will do a 10:00 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. Steamship Authority.

The Wave bus is a cheap and easy way to get around Nantucket.  For $2 or $3 (cash only, have proper change), you can travel to many desired spots on Nantucket, like Sconset or Surfside.  If you are ambitious and don’t mind getting sweaty, you can bring a bike or rent a bike or Vespa to get around.  Or, if you are loaded and wants to blow over $400, you can rent a jeep for the day!

My first stop is usually the shops on Old South Wharf. They parallel the shops on Main Street, and they often get passed over by day trippers because they aren’t right in front of you. Big mistake- they include my favorite Nantucket Whaler, preppy small brand mecca Skinny Dip and Bar Yoshi!


Don’t miss the shops on Old South Wharf, especially my favorite, Nantucket Whaler.

After Old South Wharf, I usually head to Sconset, my favorite place on Earth.  If you follow anything in this guide, please go to Sconset in the summer!  You can take the Wave bus for $3 cash each way from Town to Sconset, or, if you are sporty,  you can bike there. 

Sconset deserves its own post, as it is literally my favorite place on Earth.  If you read this guide and do not go to Sconset, you will break my heart.img_6698

Peak: end of June/early July
Fuel up on beverages, fresh muffins and snacks, and go shopping at the Sconset Market.

Walk the Sconset Bluff walk. Even for a little bit. The views of the Ocean are amazing , but the views of the grounds of the homes are incredible. There are walking tours if you time it right.

img_8339(1)-1img_8405(1)img_8602(1)-1img_7065Sconset Bites:

The Sandwiches at Claudette’s are my favorite. The seafood salad with dill on gluten free bread is a total go to.

For a splurge- The Chanticleer. Eating in the outdoor area surrounded by flowers on blue gingham tablecloths is paradise.

img_8009img_8013Sconset Beach is a long time favorite. Unspoiled and not nearly as crowded. You’ll walk the famous bridge and then head down. You may see a few cute little seals bopping around in the water.

Dress by Sailor-Sailor this season, hat by Peter Beaton Studio, bag available in my Amazon store

Walk down the beach to the Summer House for a bite or a drink. I love their cocktails! Portions are a bit small and pricey, but it’s a great scene.

img_6568-1If you have time, cab or bike to Sankaty Lighthouse.

98562836-3570-4313-94b5-f0f651e20d6e-1After Sconset, I head back into town for a bit of shopping.  

Where to shop (besides Old South Wharf) : Main Street, Easy Street, S. Water Street, Federal Street, Centre Street, Washington Street, all of the side streets and Old South Wharf.

Preps shopping on main street.


I get my wine, cheese, unique snacks and vintage finds from Current Vintage on Easy Street.


Nantucket Needlepoint shoes at Monelle

img_7178Unique hand-painted vintage bags at Stephanie’s on Main.

Peter Beaton, the most charming hat shop. Every lady should treat herself to one of these!

After a bit of shopping, I take the free shuttle on Federal Street in Town to Cisco Brewers, who make their own beer, spirits (blueberry vodka for the win) and wine. My favorite for summer is the frose, served in the wine bar.  Also on hand: raw bar, poke, dumpings, tacos and lobster rolls. There is usually a band playing around 4.

If you have time for dinner, here are a two of my in-town dinner picks.

Dune for a more formal dinner treat.

Afterhouse for my favorite Grey Lady Oysters and tinned seafood,  They also serve charcuterie and sushi.


The Grey Lady oysters, grown on Nantucket, are my favorite oysters  in the United States.  Aferhouse is one of just a few restaurants where you can get them.

If I have time and want to catch a Sunset close to town, I head to Galley Beach to get a glass of rose and watch the sunset. Sandbar at Jetties is down the street, and it is great for beach and something more casual (you can eat in your swimsuit) and they have buck a shuck from 3-5!


An amazing sunset at Jetties Beach.


Rose and sunsets with friends at Galley Beach is a summer must!

Places you will want to snap pictures: By the water on Easy Street, where the famous red boat is.

The compass rose by Blue Beetle.img_6213(1)

Brandt Point Lighthouse. It’s a little bit of a walk from in town (you’ll need a stroller with kids), but it’s the lighthouse that you see from the ferries.img_0135More tips/things to do if you want to add anything to my favorites or if you are there for more than a day.

If you want to just plunk down on a beach, go to surf side. They have giant selection of food and a taco truck! And they have real bathrooms.

Sunset at Madaket and Millie’s for dinner before or after.

Breakfast/ Brunch mid-island at Downyflake or Island Kitchen. And stop by The Happy Place if you are out there.

If you want to splurge, grab a lobster bloody at Brandt Point Grill at the White Elephant for $29. Admittedly, I still have not done this!

Cru for cocktails and nibbles right by the Hyline.

Cocktails with fellow Nantucket lovers Tad Lawton and Lisa of Saltaire.

Check out Nantucket blACKbook for their monthly hot list and updates on what is happening each day.

Another great and far-more-comprehensive-than-mine guide is Mackenzie Horan’s Nantucket Guide.

Don’t forget to throw a penny when you leave the Island!

img_6475-1And don’t forget- there’s always the next ferry!



Preppy Francophile

To My Body: I Am Sorry

To my few readers: I have been a ghost on the blog for about the last month and a half, and if you have missed my posts, I am sorry. Taken 7.5.19. Dress from Haley and the Hound. Necklace c/o Molly B Originals and painted by Pippa Goetz.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I have kept up appearances. Despite my sunny feed, May and June were pretty awful. Not to worry, I am not physically or mentally ill, and no one close to me is in seriously grave condition, I still have my wonderful job, my family and friends, my great little house, my 4 cats and my partner for life boyfriend, all of which I am abundantly thankful for. There have been some personal things that I have been dealing with, and most of that will probably never be shared on social media.

Peter Beaton hat, Sailor Sailor dress. Vintage man.

One thing that I do want to share is my intense battle within myself to eat right (most of the time) and to maintain a healthy body.

Nothing about this picture is healthy. It was taken about three weeks ago.

This past Friday, I turned 44 (eek)! I celebrated by taking my love to Nantucket for his first visit there, and I made the ferry by two minutes because I didn’t fit into half of the dresses that I wanted to wear. It wasn’t like this was a shocker, as I have slowly gained back all of the 23 pounds that I lost two years ago plus a few more.I love how healthy and toned I look in this picture from two years ago.

Let me just say that I am proud that I don’t compare myself to most other bloggers (many of whom are 15-20 years younger than I am) when it comes to weight. I was a size 4 when I was 27, but I worked out two hours a day and was in a relationship with a controlling person who monitored and commented on everything that I put into my body. Not fun, and not going to happen again.

I could really care less about the size of my clothes- it’s about the fit and how I look. We all have friends and family members of all shapes and sizes, and as long a person is happy with themselves, I could care less about their number. We all know that skinny doesn’t mean healthy and plus size can be very healthy! It’s about how you feel, and I feel like I am carrying too much extra everywhere.I listed this Sail to Sable dress on Poshmark last week, because I don’t think I’ll ever look as good in it as I did two years ago.

The truth is that I have amassed a beautiful wardrobe with a 15 year retail background and with the good fortune of working with so many kind and talented designers over the last two and a half years blogging. I don’t want to get a new wardrobe because I can’t fit into some things that I love, and most of it is irreplaceable anyway.In vintage Lilly two years ago. This is in the don’t-even-bother-to-try-it-on-but-refuse-to-get-rid-of-it bin.

Last year, losing Ollie and Louis Philippe within four months of each other was almost too deviating to take. Anyone who has experienced losses of pets so close together or, even worse, losses of family members within a short period of time, understands this.My heart will never be whole from losing my pets.

It is just a partial excuse, but I would say that it was definitely the catalyst to me just letting go of my path to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are a million more excuses, but It was mainly just laziness, lack of motivation and being overwhelmed by life. Oh, and I LOVE to eat!Selfie last week from Juice Bar on Nantucket

There are couple of things that I am really looking forward to get back on track, starting tomorrow.

I have started working with a personal trainer once a week to build my strength back up.

I also just joined a new science-based anti-aging gym called R3Bilt, and I cannot wait to start working with their team. Much more on that to come as I get into the program a bit more. I will say that it starts with a body scan and does NOT involve a scale.Taken 7/5/19 on my birthday on the beach in Sconset.

I will be blogging about my journey and progress, but it won’t take over. Part of this will be to keep myself accountable, and part will be to keep my readers up to date on how this new program works. This is really important to me because I have many followers and readers over the age of 40, and I also have many plus size readers, followers, family and friends that I truly believe will find this interesting and possibly helpful.

Thank you in advance to those who follow along and offer their support. I am always cheering for you to be happy and healthy.Taken on a boat this past week. Flattering sweater c/o NavyBLEU

To my body: I am sorry, I will do better. For the long term, not just for the short term.



The Preppy Francophile

P.S. I do edit my photos to fix things such as lighting and an unflattering wrinkle in a piece of clothing, but I would NEVER alter the shape of my body or body parts in a picture. I find that dishonest, fake and morally repugnant. If I don’t like the way I look in a photo, I simply won’t use it. That is why most of us in social media make our picture takers do about 100 of the same shot!

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Xxoo, Jen

Why I Missed Nantucket Daffy Festival 2019

In case you are new to the Preppy Francophile blog or to my Instagram (hello, and thanks for following!), you will quickly discover that a big focus of the blog is my love for Nantucket.

As I wrote in my previous blog post, Nantucket Daffy is one of my favorite weekends, and it is the official kickoff of the Nantucket season.

How could this prep miss it?!

The answer: my nephew turned one on Saturday, and my sister and brother-in-law hosted a small family birthday party for him. The BF and I went down to celebrate. It is always a joy to see B. He is a sweet baby and I cannot get enough time with him.The theme of the party was WHALES!!

I got to see both sets of grandparents celebrate the first anniversary of his birth. Anyone who has watched their parents grow older and battle various health issues (or who has lost a parent before having a child) knows what a treasure this is.

Some of my mom’s sweet family who live nearby came to the party, and it was such a treat to see them. As someone who doesn’t have any living immediate family nearby, I also love seeing my relatives.B had a great time, and he loved his smash cake, which he did not smash, but rather shoveled into his mouth.It turned out that I got the best of both worlds- my family and daffodils! Next year, Daffy Fest! You’ll be there, but this moment in time won’t.Love you, my little man!

Xxoo, Auntie Jenny