Preppy Blogger Style Inspiration

I have been comfortable in my preppy skin for about 20 years.That having been said, one of the most fun things about being on Instagram and blogging has been finding other ladies who have at least a little bit of a preppy side to them.

The following ladies are some of my favorites to follow for their preppy style!

@teggyfrench: Teggy French – Upscale preppy, gorgeous vintage/vintage inspired mixed with an endless source of affordable preppy (and otherwise) clothing and accessories. I discovered Haley & the Hound through following her a few years ago.

Image from the Instagram feed of @teggyfrench

@emilyjanejohnston: Emily Johnston – An American girl in London with a heart of gold, who shares my love of wearing lobsters. I discovered ASOS through following here. She just designed a pair of lobster sandals with Marks & Spencer. I love following her food and travel adventures too.

Image from the Instagram feed of @emilyjanejohnston

@sarahkjp: Sarah Vickers – Iconic New England preppy, created Classy Girls wear pearls. KJP’s other half. Always classy!

Image from the Instagram feed of @sarahkjp

@_srs_: Sarah Rose Stuart- Insta stories full of preppy try-ons, along with her adorable daughter.

Image from the Instagram feed of @_srs_

@kerryhillfarm: Annemie- Hairbows, preppy sweaters, homemade jam with hydrangea labels and adorable animals are just some of the things that I love about her account. Oh, and Phil and Bisou.

Image from the Instagram feed of @kerryhillfarm

@vintageandprep – Classic old school prep, a perfect example of how preppy never goes out of style. And her bungalow is adorable!

Image from the Instagram feed of @vintageandprep

@girlmeetsbow: Gentry Adams – Absolute Southern Sweetheart wearing lots of Lilly, with a bunch of preppy and other girly and often very affordable pieces. Another blogger great with try-ons.

Image from the Instagram of @girlmeetsbow

@robincancrabb: Robin Van Crabb- Perfectly polished preppy. I’ve followed her for years. Timeless style. And preppy twinning with her daughter.

Image from the Instagram feed of @robinvancrabb

@katiefromboston: Katie M – My longtime local blogger friend who has happily found a preppy vibe that I hope she’ll always have! She’s taught me so much about blogging and editing, and I am so glad that I sat next to her at a seminar years ago.

@pmaristch: Patricia Mae Maristch – I want everything Patricia wears! And she started her own PR company, repping some fabulous preppy brands!

Picture from the Instagram feed of @pmaritsch

@jenniferlake: Jenn Lake- Seemingly endless beautiful dresses and incredible backdrops whenever she goes!

Image from the Instagram feed of @jenniferlake

@belleoftheball45: Abigail -College girl with classic preppy style. It gives me hope in this world to see someone who is so young and so stylish!

Image from the Instagram feed of @belleoftheball45

@kellyinthecity: Kelly Larkin – Another blogger that I’ve followed for years. Consistently preppy with a preppy husband and a cutie-pie preppy daughter!

Image from the Instagram feed of @kellyinthecity

@daphnemoreau: Daphne Moreau: French and preppy. Goals.

Image from the Instagram feed of @daphnemoreau

There are a bunch more ladies with great preppy style, but these are some of my faves!

Am I missing any preppy icons? Tell me in the comments if so!



Friday Finds: New Preppy Accessories Must Haves

Happy Friday!

It’s still ridiculously winter-y around here, which has been hard to adjust back to after Florida.

Here are a few of my favorite new preppy accessories.

Loving this new necklace by Taylor Creek Designs for Haley and the Hound.Going nuts over Dress For Cocktails Dressy Belt – you can mix and match bows.These earrings from the Monogram Corner are a fun neutral!

These Just Madras bow headbands go with so many of my spring/summer outfits. The green is a must!I almost fainted when I saw this perfectly preppy necklace from Katie Bartels.

These earrings from Designs by Laurel Leigh.This necklace from the Heart Knot is pink and green preppy perfection!

York Designs is offering a $40 bundle of one cuff and a monogrammed clutch. Great deal and great gift ideas!! The bottom one is stitched and on it’s way to me!Another neutral classic from St. Armand’s Designs.

Who else loved Lilly’s Red Right Return from a few years ago? This cutie from Nautical Notions is so cute!

Eyeing these Lisi Lerch earrings for my upcoming trip down to Duke.

Stay tuned for more finds. I’m headed to a fun shopping benefit with some of my preppy faves this weekend.



Lobster Style Spring 2019

Happy Spring! As I head out to Naples for a few days, I wanted to share my lobster picks with my fellow lobster print lovers.

I fell in love with Middy N Me last year, and I cannot wait to wait a dress or two this year. Best part: they are made to your measurements, including plus sizes!!img_9398

This collab from Sara Fitz and Daytripper in Maine is pretty impossible to resist.

Old Navy makes me happy with its lobster designs. I snagged this dress (which is pretty short) and the pants (fitted) at around $20 each on sale!

lobster dress

lobster pantsDigging this vintage style lobster skirt on Etsy.


I’ve been a fan of Breakwater Blue and their recycling products and initiatives for years!

This bracelet with a customizable charm from Peachy Pendants is only about $16! You can undo the beads and swap out the charms!
img_9406You can find the items below in my amazon store under Preppy Accessories here


It was actually a whale print that drew me to local artist Leah Barnes of Violette Tide Studios, but this lobster print is spectacular!

I will most likely be doing another post on lobster style, and I will be having a home decor post with lobsters coming later in the spring.

Stay tuned, and let me know what your favorites are!

Have a great week!

Xoxo, Jen

Spring Ric Rac Picks

Ric Rac (or Rick Rack) is all over the place this season- again, and I am so happy about it!

Here are a few of my latest picks. I reserve the right to add to this or to produce a volume 2, as I know that there will more in the way!

Obsessed with Packed Party’s Making Waves collection.

This sweet little cover up from Mudpie is super affordable and doubles for beach and a casual lunch.


This dress is also from Mud Pie.  It comes in two colors- this is my pick.

First off, Jude Connally, I am OBSESSED with this perfect green.  And the ric rac detail is to die for.  It also comes in a blue that would be perfect for my mom’s 50th Duke reunion in April.

More upscale ric rac, if you are looking to splurge.

These Vineyard Vines flippies are so cute and look comfy too.  They also make this print with ric rac trim in a one piece.

A ric rac top that can be worn to work.

The cutest ric rac skirt from Marley Lilly that can be worn with so many color options!

This ric rac trimmed number from Sail to Sable also comes in a maxi version.

This is the maxi, and this color combo comes in the shift as well.

I love the ric rac details on the adorable sleeves of this Duffield Lane top.


 These espadrilles from Boden come in girls and womens sizes!

This top comes in 4 colors!

A cute accessory for only $24!You know I’m a hat girl!  I could also probably make this for less than $80 if I wasn’t so lazy!img_8535That’s all for now, folks.  And I stress FOR NOW.  There will be more!

Are you buying any ric rac items?  If so, drop me a comment and let me know.

Have a lovely week!

xxoo, PF

Why I (Probably) Won’t Be Applying for Again

There have been several times when I have tried to fit in where I don’t belong.  In middle school, I watched “Can’t Buy Me Love” and was convinced that I needed to ditch my friends and hang with the cool kids.  It didn’t work (the mullet may have contributed to that). 

First day of school, 7th grade, in a Billabong shirt with a mullet.

My bf calls this the Bono mullet. How u now?

I tried again in high school my freshman year with the cool girls.  Still not a fit.  

In college, there was a sorority that I really wanted to be in.  I didn’t get a bid, and I was so crushed that I didn’t try again after my freshman year.

There have been a few other times in law school and afterward  where I have had similiar experiences of rejection and exclusion.

I am not telling these stories to make anyone feel bad for me.  Through all of the experiences that I mentioned above, the rejection has led me to repeatedly realize that I was wasting my time with people and experiences that aren’t worth my it.  Each time, I have gone back to myself and I have realized who quality friends are, many of which I have kept well over 25 years.   

Still close friends after 25 years.

Which brings me to my latest experience – applying to The first time that I applied was at the end of 2017.  I had just over 1000 followers, and I knew that it was a long shot.

Insta from two years ago.

I applied again in late January of this year, and I was rejected nicely and immediately.

I personally think that this is a great shot in my Sailor-Sailor dress!

I then applied again about a week later, this time through a referral from a lovely blogger who has almost 100K followers.  This sweet person has not only tried to refer people to me in my career, but she took time to review my Instagram and give me some super helpful tips to help me get in.  I got rapidly rejected again!

Fake crying because I was leaving Florida and coming back to a snowstorm.

I was a bit sad and frustrated, but I realized something.  I don’t really fit the model.  Most of the brands that I promote are smaller and aren’t on the platform.  Those brands that are larger that I do promote aren’t going to work with me because I don’t have a big enough following, engagement, etc.

I just listened to the Fohr podcast with guests Julia Engel and Thomas Berlit and, although I can’t relate to her (she’s at least 15 years younger than me, and I’ve never looked anything like her).  It was a long podcast. but I am glad that I tuned in, because she talked about how she stayed true to herself and true to her brand, no matter what temptations came along.

I thought about it, and pushing myself to have editorial content to get myself onto isn’t worth it.   Part of the heart of my blog is supporting smaller businesses.  These businesses appreciate that I show their product repeatedly.  I have had several small business owners tell me that it’s discouraging to work with bloggers because they send them something and either they post in stories, which a lot of people don’t see, or they wear it and don’t tag them.  I know people get sent a lot of stuff, but, seriously, I don’t get it when a designer has a conversation with a blogger and sends them something and they don’t give a proper shout out.  Even if it’s only worth $10, it means a lot to whomever sent it to you.

Earrings c/o St. Armand’s Designs.

Dress c/o Navy Jane, rope bracelet c/o Sea Ropes Maine and necklace c/o Simple Girl Designs. I’m lucky to work with so many sweet and talented small designers!

My favorite Oxford made by Nantucket Whaler.

It isn’t my plan to quit my day job, which I like and am very fortunate to have.  I do have a business plan to earn supplemental income that I hope to put into action by the end of the year, but isn’t part of that success.I think that, after almost 44 years, I am finally over trying to fit in where I don’t belong. I am so grateful to have so many people who love me for who I am- a flawed person just trying to do her best.

Taken at my best friend’s house. She knows me like no one else.

Proud shucker, in a fleece and workout leggings.

How I spend a large part of the day when I am home. Smooching my cats.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. And good luck to you all in finding where you fit in and what makes you happy!

Take me back to the 80’s- and these long, thin legs!

Xxoo, PF

Boston Travel and Adventure Show 2019 Recap

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the Travel and Adventure Show in Boston. Held at the Hynes Convention Center, it was the first year that the travel show took place in Boston.

All I can say is, WOW!! I have got a lot of traveling to do!There were two rooms of booths filled with representatives of countries, travel agencies, islands, cruises and everything that you would need for travel.

That included some drool-worthy cameras from Kodak, some anti-nausea bands with my favorite banner of the day and a portable pain relief system, which I treated myself to. The show also features speakers like Samantha Brown (who I’ve watched since forever) giving some fantastic travel tips.I became a fan of Valerie Wilson, solo traveler, after hearing her speak.I got a ton of travel ideas, including some safaris whose owners support animal conservation!There were performances throughout the weekend on the Global Beats Stage.And last, but not least: the camels. Because of my animal advocacy mission and my string dislike for zoos, I was conflicted about attending the travel show because of camel rides. Jo-Don Farms is an animal rescue facility that takes in abused and confiscated animals. the camel that I met, Eli, had been rescued from a abusive owner. The handler explained that it was part of his rehabilitation to meet people and learn to trust them again. Eli gave me tons of smooches, and I was smitten. I did not feel comfortable riding him (as I don’t believe that most animals are meant to be rode by humans), but I was very glad to meet him and to hear that he was being taken care of, along with his friends.Thanks to CKO PR for letting me attend this great show.

The Travel and Adventure Show will be back in Boston next year from January 11-12, 2020. See you there!

Xoxo, PF

Friday Finds 2.8.19

Friday Finds coming at you on a Monday!  Here are some of my favorite things to treat yourself (or myself) to.  

How cute is this lace heart top from Judy Connolly?

This J. Crew print is the sweetest!

This dockside dress from Sailor-Sailor is one of my favorite styles.

I am a sucker for Diptyque’s Limited Edition rose candles.

img_7141This Heart Knot necklace is right up my alley.img_6982-1I can’t say enough great things about Uwila Warrior.  I love their owner and the quality of the products.  The panties are so fun!Anyone else dying to see what’s in Love Middy’s first curated box?!

img_6970I love Nantucket Nail Polish for the obvious reason that it’s created by a Nantucket resident.  I also love that the names are based on Nantucket locations and references.  And that they are cruelty free and free of nasty ingredients.img_7118-1

For the true heart lover, afforable on Amazon in my shop!La Duree has lovely rose products all year, thankfully.  I so wish that someone would send me this rose box with rose lychee heart macarons in it.  And I wish even more that they’d open up a location in Boston!This KJP necklace is adorable!  Love the heart detail!
I bought this lip kit from Follain a while ago, and I absolutely love both products.  It’s amazing how rough one’s lips get in the horrible cold winter weather.  Right?!  Message me for a 15% off Follain discount if you haven’t shopped there before!
How sweet are these Oka B shoes?  And not only is the company woman-owned, but they recycle parts of worn shoes if you send them back and use them for new shoes.  Sustainability!Anchors and hearts on this Sea Bags tote?  That’s a toughie to resist!

I am loving all of the pinks in Tyler Boe’s latest releases.  This dress is my favorite!These Dress for Cocktails earrings are lots of fun.  I just love the bow details!These Designs by Laurel Leigh earrings are adorable!I’m sure that you’ve all seen these earrings from St. Armand’s designs.Did you see anything on here that you’d like to treat yourself to?

I hope you enjoyed my picks.

Have a lovely week!